Dredge Witch Mini
Dredge Witch Mini

Dredge Witch Mini

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Use these Dredge Witch Minis as Bonnets for Ballyhoo and other trolling baits like any other "Witch" EXCEPT, you will NOT NEED to cut and re-rig wire or mono to add or remove from your rig. With a large center hole, simply slide these onto your rig when ready to deploy. No need to soak them in your bait box all day requiring you to clean them afterward.


1. Easy to add to your rig with no cutting or re-rigging
2. Change at will. When the fish stop biting that color, slide it off and slide on the next color
3. Add to your bait at deployment time. No need to have them soaking in bait "juice" all-day
4. Use the same Witch all day long sliding off of the rig attached to the fish in the box and onto the next rig
5. Much better "Hair" and more of it than on most other "Witches"
6. Chrome/Brass Head rather than painted lead will keep its finish MUCH longer