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TMK Squid Chain Multi Lure - Zucchini Daisy Chains & Multi Bait Rigs Tormentor Ocean Fishing Gear

TMK Squid Chain Multi Lure - Zucchini

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Super Productive Daisy Chain that fish cannot resist! On its first day in the water this one (Blue & White) (in only 2 hours fishing) caught: a 12" Dolphin (proving that it will not scare off small fish), next to a 45lb Dolphin, then a 15lb Dolphin, and then a 10lb Dolphin and finally an 8lb Dolphin. We caught two other Dolphin trolling during these two hours. One was on a 9" Green Tuna Bandit and the other on a Blue & White Steel Head.

Stop wasting your money on Ballyhoo that takes up space in your freezer that your fish should occupy! Your wife will be happy too!

Great trolling for Dolphin, Trolling for Marlin, Trolling for Tuna, and even Wahoo.

Now Rigged on 200lb Momoi are four 9" Tormenter Squids and a Tormenter Tuna/Mahi Killer as the trailing hook bait. The hook is our own Stainless Steel 7691 Double Strength Tuna hook with spacer beads behind lure to place hook at end of the TMK.