The History of Tormenter Ocean Gear & Tackle

The History of Tormenter Ocean Gear & Tackle


Tormenter's Founder & CEO - Dave Adams

David Adams found his way on his career track early in 1974 taking his first fishing job aboard a busy charter boat out of Miami's famous "Pier 5" wiring his first Blue Marlin at age 15.

Dave at age 17 wiring an 830lb Giant

In 1976 he found himself in Gloucester, MA as mate aboard one of the top Giant Tuna sport boats in history. In 1976 and 77, the boat took First Place in two Tournaments and Third place in another. The total number of Giants landed by Dave as the wireman at the age of only 21 was 222.

Red HOT Tuna on the wire

Dave fished as a mate in 1978 and '79 in Palm Beach, the Bahamas, and Islamorada releasing over 200 Sailfish in January 1978 and taking third place in the Islamorada Sailfish Tournament in January 1979.

Dave's second Blue Marlin ever 1975 - 15 years old

He later found himself as the mate aboard the famed "JERSEY DEVIL" fishing Palm Beach, FL, Hatteras, NC and the MidAtlantic region with Captain Ronnie Jones. That year the boat took first place in the Atlantic City Marlin Tournament and came very close to setting a 6 lb class record for Blue Marlin, releasing three White Marlin and fighting a 300lb + Blue almost to the gaff.

Dave hauls a 950 + through the Door

It was 1980 when he took his first Captain's job aboard a 37' Rybovich fishing Palm Beach and the Bahamas.

Dave's First Giant - 410lbs

Dave fished two more summers (1980 and '81) out of Gloucester bringing his total number of Giant Tunas landed to 222.

Dave later spent 1982 - 1984 in the Gulf of Mexico running an Offshore Tug and commercial fishing aboard his own boat where at the age of 23 he gained the respect of many older captains by consistently producing top catch numbers.

In 1986 Dave became a yacht broker and still makes his living designing, building, and selling large yachts.

How Tormenter Started

After his first 20 years of success in retail yacht sales, design, and construction, Dave saw a void in the fishing lure market and decided to fill it with top quality lures at an affordable price. Dave had been building high-quality yachts in China since 2002 and found it only natural to use his contacts and experience in China and his experience in fishing to benefit anglers by designing productive and high quality lures at a lower price than the competition. Since its conception in 2005, Tormenter has expanded its market selling trophy catching products to over 300 accounts in almost every fishing port in the USA, plus Hawaii, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Our Attitude

Tormenter Products have already won some very prestigious tournaments and caught IGFA World Records. It is our hope that through our tournament sponsorships and this web site that Anglers from all over will try our products and recognize that lures do not need to have high price tags to produce superior catches. With the high price of fuel these days, why not catch a break with premium lures at lower prices?

Our Future

We will continue to design and provide superior products at savings so that you can justify spending a day on the water for both fun and the pursuit of meat.

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