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Mini Dredge

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The pros fishing tournaments for fish delivering top prize money of up to $2 million are dragging dredges. Not one, but usually four!

There are normally three mates in the cockpit to handle these dredges and most times they are using electric reels costing upwards of $6,000 each!

Why??? Not because it is fun, but because it produces fish! Now, for most of us, it would be impractical to spend this kind of money in our quest for Billfish, Mahi, Tuna, etc, but now you can come close to the presentation they use for very little (relative) expense. No need for the large crews or expensive electric reels. No need to reel the dredge in when a fish approaches, just let him eat the hook bait and you're on!

  • High quality 12" Six arm Dredge bar assembly with 800lb brass ball bearing swivel
  • 15 Tormenter Ballyhoo Bonnet skirts,
  • 200lb Momoi (center) leader with heavy duty ball bearing snap swivel,
  • Tormenter Mahi Tuna Jet on 18” Leader Attached,
  • Tormenter's 7/0 7691 Stainless Steel, Welded Eye hook
  • Teasers are all rigged on 135lb Momoi
  • All teasers are spaced 14" apart
  • Each Mini Dredge comes with a 10ft 300lb Momoi shock leader with a 500-600lb test 9/0 Snap Swivel

Connect this dredge to a 16 - 32oz trolling lead, connect it to a 30lb + class of rod & reel, and get ready for the bite!

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