Surfing Tiki's Neck Gaiter

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Experience enhanced performance during every fishing session when you wear the Turtles aqua multipurpose neck and face shield. It enables you to experience the power of SPF protection plus breathability. The lightweight fabric and moisture wicking property keep it easier to evaporate the sweat and you feel cool all the time. The same principle works well in winters as well where collecting sweat can result in frostbite. So, this mask comes as a true meaning of shield that you can wear around your face and be sheltered.

  • Perfect for any sports
  • Evaporates sweat quickly
  • Comes with tormentor’s branding
  • Looks cool on both men and women
Surfing Tiki's Neck Gaiter Neck & Face Shields Tormenter Ocean
Surfing Tiki's Neck Gaiter