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Red & Green 19" Sidewinders (Just the bar)

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Red & Green 19" Sidewinders (Just the bar) Daisy Chains & Multi Bait Rigs Tormenter Ocean Red (Port)
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Tormenter Sidewinder Bird/Bar assembly available in Port (Red) or Starboard (Green).

Comes ready to rig with: Beautifully painted ABS Plastic Bird. 400lb Thru-Wire with loops. Epoxy Glued in Acrylic Rudder. 3mm x 19” Stainless Steel Bar with Swivel sleeves attached at each end. Rubber tips at ends of the bar.

Make up your own custom rigs with these premium bars. Please note to add 2oz of lead to your most forward lure on the (outer) end of the bar. (just the end to which the rudder points). This will keep the bar from flipping upside down while trolling. It will also make your rig self-righting.

Sidewinder Video Demonstration

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