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Sidewinder 2.0

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Sidewinder 2.0 Daisy Chains & Multi Bait Rigs Tormenter Ocean Blue/White Port
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19" Sidewinder Directional Bars – 2.0

This is considered by most tackle shops as THE BEST Directional or Tracker bar on the market! It is specially weighted not to flip upside down, and will right itself if you throw it in the water upside down!

Use this highly technical but easy to use trolling rig to catch Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Mahi, Marlin, and just about anything that will eat a bait on the troll.

Same exact rig as our Original Bar, except we have added a 5” Polypropylene Bird at the lead end of both outer chains…

Rigged on our (Thru-Wired and detail painted) 7" Looney Bird with 5mm Lexan Directional fin, a 1/8" 316 SS bar, Nickle Plated Brass swivel Sleeves, 200lb Momoi line, Two 5” Polypropylene Birds, nine of our 9" Squids, and our TMK Stinger Bait rigged with our Stainless Steel, Double Strength 7691 8/0 Tuna Hook (on additional 20” leader attached with a 200lb snap swivel behind last teaser squid).

Packaged in our own 10 x 20 inch Premium Lure Bag. Ends of SS Bar covered with Black Rubber tips to protect your legs and you boat!

The lead bird/rudder send up a “Tomahawk” of water creating lots of extra fish attraction.  The two extra Poly Birds enhance this action.

The Tormenter “Sidewinder” is the absolute highest quality “Tracker Bar” on the market and with more than 8,000 sold, we have never had a reported failure of any kind! See our video link above this text!

Features other brands do not have:
1. Thru-wired Bird (no Chafe)
2. Beautifully Painted ABS Plastic Bird
3. NO FAIL Rudder
4. Stainless Steel Bar
5. Higher quality, Double Skirted Stinger Bait
6. Thicker Squids to take more abuse and keep their shape
7. Heavier to work well in a chop
8. Tormenter’s Double Strength SS 7691 Tuna Hooks
9. Rubber Tips on the ends of the bar


Use for:
1. Getting your baits out of the prop wash
2. Separating your baits without using Outriggers!
3. Getting more baits in your spread without increasing lines
4. Teasers

19" Sidewinder Directional Bars

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